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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Homework challenge!

There have been lots of homework challenges completed so far which is great to see! 

People have decided to run around the house saying their spelling words, make their lunch, make dinner, do puzzles and read to others just to name a few completed tasks. 

Remember, if you have any wonderful ideas for next terms homework challenge grid let me know!

Scarlett cooked dinner for her family!

Camille completed this enormous puzzle!

Frankie learnt something new! Can you find out what it was?

Check out Scarlett's video of her reading to her sister. 

Monty is a chief in the making!

Ivy cooked yummy pasta for dinner for her family!

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Principal Award

This week Room 14's class Principal award went to Monty!

Monty your enthusiasm is contagious! You are loving our inquiry topic, researching, helping others and your instructions you wrote for your upcycled project were awesome!

Keep up the amazing work in class and your balloon will fly high :-)

There are no Principal awards for the next couple of weeks due to the Samuel Gibson fundraising event this week and JR4H next week.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Landfill Trip

As part of our inquiry we are learning about ways that we can reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill. 

Room 14 went along with Room 13 to the Omarunui Landfill. 
At the landfill we learnt about all the ways they are reusing what comes out of the landfill like the gas that comes up from the buried rubbish. This is made into power to power houses in Hastings. 

Room 14 learnt a lot and were blown inside out with all the wind. We couldn't believe that the hill that we were standing on was the old landfill full with rubbish! 

When the landfill is full the council will graze sheep on the site. 

Our next step in our inquiry has been to research was of upcycling old products instead of sending them to the landfill. 

First we had to research what we could make:

Then in literacy this week we wrote instructions to make our products: 

We will type up our instructions and make a book of upcycled items that our class produces. 

Next week we are collecting what we need to build our projects. Watch this space! 

Interschool Duathlon

Better late than never.... we have a very talented bunch in room 14 and from that bunch 12 students went along to participate in the Hawkes Bay Interschool Duathlon held at Frimley Park. 

A very interesting day was had but the children were outstanding as always! 
A big thanks also to the parents from room 14 that came along and helped.