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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Write like Dick King-Smith

In class over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at the books written by Dick King-Smith.
We have read lots of his stories, made new characters for his books and now we have started writing our version of Dinosaur School.
Today in class we wrote the beginning and build-up of our story.

Here is some photos of us all working hard trying to use ambitious vocabulary and powerful adjectives to engage our audience.


Today we discovered all about left and right as well as giving directions.
For most it was a good refresh and reminder from last year but we also found it challenging to form good directions!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Breaking news! 
Thanks to parent feedback and communication homework will be given out on Monday's still but wont be due back until the following Monday giving you the weekend to finish work if you want. Please don't spend hours and hours on this over the weekend and make sure you enjoy some family time. 

Miss Newton

Friday, February 20, 2015

Where do butterflies come from?

When a homework project came into room 8 involving butterflies everyone took to the topic and the questions started flowing!

"Where do butterflies come from?" 
"How do the caterpillars get on the plants?"

We had all sorts of exploring to do! Thanks to Oderings, the parents of room 8 and HNPS we have been able to learn all about butterflies and even plant our own butterfly garden. 

Below are some pictures of our learning..
 Some of the wee creatures that have been living outside room 8!

 First we learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly and made 3D life cycle wheels. 


Then we learnt about the different body parts of a butterfly.

 We also researched the different butterflies, that are found in New Zealand, for homework this week.

We were lucky enough to even look at real Swan plant seed pods and find out what they look and feel like. The pod was puffy and soft but it looked prickly! 

Next we made a replica of a chrysalis and butterfly so we could learn about how and when the butterfly hatches!

Finally, we got to plant the swan plants and seeds! It was very exciting..


This is our Butterfly Garden!

Art Deco!

Today marked the beginning of Art Deco celebrations in Hawkes Bay and at HNPS we took this as a chance to dress up and get involved in festivities. 

Here is some children dressed up from Room 8.

We hope you like our costumes.

Who has the largest feet?

On Thursday, with Mrs Jarvis, the children completed a RICH math's activity where they had to fined a way to find the person in their group with the largest feet. 

There were many different ways of find their answer from counting all the squares on a paper to putting each foot on top of each other to see the difference. 

Interesting work! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015



I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and looking forward to the school picnic on Wednesday!

Here is our class newsletter for week 3. 

Miss Newton 

Friday, February 13, 2015

How long is the field?

A fantastic "I wonder...." question was asked during our work on measurement this week and it was:
How many straws would it take to measure the field?

Each straw is 1m long so this was going to be a fun task to find an answer!

Here are some pictures of us measuring the field. 

The answer was: 145m!


I must admit there was not a lot of homework to share today but thank you to everyone who brought along information about a skill they learnt over the holidays. 

Here is some photos of us sharing our skills to the class.

Miss Newton

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Paper planes!

Since we have been looking at measurement in maths we did a wee experiment today using paper planes.
The children made paper planes, flew them then had to measure and record the distance that their plane flew each time. 

Tomorrow we will look at finding the difference between each of the distances and a way that we can present our data.

Here are some photos of some children completing their experiment. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Class newsletter

Hi all,

Here is the class newsletter for Week 2!

I look forward to seeing most of you tomorrow at Meet the teacher evening. 

Also just a reminder that there is a dress up day "Art Deco" theme on Friday 20th Feb. 

Miss Newton

Dick King Smith

What a hot day!

This afternoon we found out that we had many questions about Dick King Smith so we used the iPads, PowerPoint's and Google to find the answers to our questions. 

Tomorrow we are going to turn our ideas into fact sheets about the author!

Here is some photos of us researching. 

Table points winners..

Throughout the week the children work hard to gain points for their table. 

The winning table, with the most stickers, on Friday (Thurs last week) wins the class trophy to sit on their table for the week. 

Week 1's winners were:
Orange table!

Great work guys :-)

BP Challenge

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and some rest. 

On Thursday we did something called a BP Challenge. This was where the children were given minimal equipment and they had to, in their groups, produce a product. Our product was a school bag. 

Here are the finished products. 

The winning team won 5 stickers for their table. 

1st = Green Table (Sophia, Joseph, Libby and Rupert).

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Today for maths we did measuring outside with straws. The straws were 1m long. We found things on the playground that were less than a metre, about a metre and more than a metre. Things we found less than a metre were: the green rubbish bin, width of a window and the cookie cushions. Things that were about a metre were: the planks on the bridge and small ladder. Things that were more than a metre were: the trees, wooden logs and silver slide. 

Next week we are going to look at measuring parts of our bodies!

From Rupert and Aishling.