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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hi all

Here is next weeks newsletter. 

I hope you are all having some good Keeping ourselves safe conversations at home. This unit is coming to an end at the end of next week. 

Rugby training for PE is getting underway this week. We have Andy Green from the HRFU in taking us for an hour session for the next 3 weeks. 

Hurricanes open training session: This is on Wednesday 3rd June 3.30pm-5pm.. If you have a keen rugby player in the family head on down to Tremain Field at Park Island and see the Hurricanes in action before Friday nights big game against the Highlanders! 

Enjoy the long weekend, stay safe and see you all on Tuesday. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Keeping ourselves safe

We are over halfway through our Keeping Ourselves Safe topic and we had the pleasure of having Constable Chris join us for a lesson on Confusing Touch. The children were fantastic and they came up with a variety of great ideas and discussions. We have one more unit to cover starting next week. 

Weight & Baking

We also do a lot of work in Room 8 and one of "the most fun maths lessons ever" took place on Wednesday! The children have been learning about weight, reading scales and more! So what better exercise then baking? The children were given instructions and ingredients then left to master the task of weighing all the ingredients they needed! It was great fun with flour, salt and sugar going everywhere. The toughest measurement though was how to work out a pinch of salt! 

Here are some photos of us in action. 

SPCA Collection

In keeping with the theme of our good deeds.. Room 8 also did a food collection for the Hastings SPCA. The children managed to collect 2 boxes worth of pet food and the odd $2 as well.

I wonder what their next project will be..?

Vanuatu Collection

After a long cycle of brainstorming ideas, meetings with Mr Bremer, writing letters home to parents, collecting money on Mufti day, trawling through the OfficeMax brochure and waiting for our order to arrive we have finally come to the end of our efforts to send school supplies to Vanuatu. 
The children were so amazed to see how much they brought and cant wait to see where it all ends up in Vanuatu. Watch this space.. we will hopefully soon have a photo of the exact school where our goods are going to be delivered!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hi all,

Here is the newsletter for this coming week. 

We are starting Rugby for PE with a coach from the HBRU this week and we have practice for all those who have been put into teams for the Tremains Rippa Tournament. 

Constable Chris is in for Keeping Ourselves Safe on Tuesday plus we have Singing on Wednesday. 

Next weekend is a long weekend so lets enjoy this week and look forward to a three day weekend with family fast approaching. 

Hawkes Basketball Training

On Thursday, we had a 2 players from the Hawkes Basketball team come to school and take training for all of our students at HNPS that play basketball. 

This was the first training of 5. 

Here are a couple of pictures of some of the children in our class participating. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


In maths, we have now moved on to learning about weight. Our first lesson was all about looking and exploring weight. 

There are some photos of our discovering. A huge thank you to Joseph for taking the photos. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

We just got a letter!

Last week Room 8 had a delivery!

We got a letter. 

The letter came to us all the way from Vanuatu. The letter asked us what we had been doing and what we were going to be sending over. 

The children were very excited when we got a letter that they decided that we needed to write back!
We also decided that since they don't have many books now that we need to create some of our own and send them too!

It is going to get very busy in Room 8... watch this space.

Keeping ourselves safe

We have started this unit in Room 8 called Keeping Ourselves Safe.

The unit has taught us so far about:
Our bodies,
Touch and
Where to go for help!

One thing we have learnt is that not everyone knows their phone number or address. So this is our challenge by the end of term to learn!

Here is some of the work we have done so far:


Hi all,

Here is this weeks newsletter (week 5)..

We are nearly half way through the term. 

This week we are off to Duart house again so remember to be ready to read on Friday!


A quick update on our efforts to send over goods to Vanuatu. 

The children raised a total of $510.00 in the mufti day!

Wow! They now begin the hard task of choosing what they want to buy and send over. 

We will keep you posted when we have brought the items and are ready to go.

Maths! Quick Images

In maths we have been starting our lessons with a quick image. 

Quick images are shown to you for only 3 seconds. You then need to work out how many objects were on the page. 

Can you work out these quick images we made in class?

How did you work out the answer?

What makes a good quick image? What doesn't?